The Rice’s



There are 4 grains of Rice in the Rice “Field.” The coaches of these grains are Matt and Dana who met at Gardner-Webb University in 1991. They dated four years and have been married since 1996. Dana is the greatest wife and mother to the known world, a great cook, a lot of fun, and one smart pharmacist. The 4 grains of Rice are Andrew (Boo-Boo), Mollie (Baby, Mollie Pants), Luke (Luk-EE, Bullet), and Jake, (Jak-EE, Meatloaf). Not bad for not being able to have kids! We love family days, playing the “Gorilla Grizzly Bear,” and just plain chasing each other. I love my family! Our goal as a family is to love Jesus, glorify Jesus and tell people about Jesus……NW Cary here we COME!





Dana and I

Dana and I

Dana and Molly

Dana and Mollie








Jake sitting up (but he's still a little sideways).

Jake sitting up (but he is still a little sideways 🙂



  1. I love it! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I am so thrilledfor you and the family. I am getting really excited for you, the pieces are starting to form together and its amazing to watch the Lord work through you. We’ll be there for you whenever you need us. We love you. Robbie, Sissy, and Gman

  2. […] the church planting pastor for Amberly will be Matt & Dana Rice. Currently, Matt is the Pastor of Evangelism at Apex Baptist and one of my personal encouragers. […]

  3. Matt and Dana~
    We are extremly thrilled for you guys….what a blessing~ Please add us to your newsletter / devotional group. I look forward to what God has in store for your preciuos family and amazing ministry~
    We love and miss you guys~
    Jim and Sarah

  4. Dear Matt,
    I just finished reading your whole blog! How proud I am to have known you growing up.. and to see the person you have become. You have a beautiful family. God bless you, Dana and your four children. It would be wonderful to see you sometime. Love, Aunt Judy

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