Posted by: Matt Rice | 05/26/2010

The Purpose of the Church

This past week at The Creek, we explored many passages about the purpose of the church. The Big idea is simply put: The Church exists to bring glory to God. You might ask, “What is GLORY?” I found this definition on my mac that said: high renown or praise won by honorable achievements.

Honorable achievements – let me see –  Make the lame to walk, the blind to see, heal the sick, created the world, provide a savior, and LOVE EVERYONE. I believe that is a noble list of achievements. God deserves the glory ascribed to him from HIS people and HIS church. We are created for this. To remind you of the universal purpose of the church, I have recorded them below.

1.    Transformation not conversion is the goal of the church.

2.    Fellowship among believers is a lived out discipline.

3.    The Lord’s Supper is administered as a symbol.

4.    Love God – Love All.

5.    Making disciples is a priority of the church.

6.    Prayer – the umbrella of power God gives to accomplish such a huge task.

In a day where the success of the church is determined by the number of classes, the square footage of the building, and the number of people who attend, the bible suggests a radically different picture. The success of the church is dependent on their faithfulness to the message, not the number of people who come or don’t come. The church is unique because of her message – not because of the smoke machine or lighting bar they use.

The purpose of the church is to glorify God. The method (contemporary, traditional, blended, drums or piano, postmodern, college, or family oriented) of the church should arrive from her theology not from the latest fad.


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