Posted by: Matt Rice | 05/13/2010

Sustained Victory

I would bet Lebron James is not looking to win the next game. I believe he would love to have a victory, but I am guessing he would love for his team to have SUSTAINED VICTORY and win the NBA World Championship. I would also bet that you (along with me) desire to have sustained victory in certain areas of life. I am sensing that there are areas where we struggle with that we do get to celebrate victory in. This is great. Praise God. However, the problem is when we celebrate…….prematurely.

I am all for the victories. However, I am not for short-term victory. This type of victory has you celebrating a weeks worth of quiet times, a great three-day stretch in your marriage, and a “full” 20 days free of looking at something in appropriate.  Sustained victory gives you victory for an infinite period of time.

I believe that God died on the Christ to give us victory for the future and SUSTAINED VICTORY presently. I know you don’t want to have a few good days at work but a great career. Passing the math test is good, but doing well in school is the bigger picture. Not arguing with your spouse for a week is great, but having a sustained marriage is God’s idea for you.

In Haggai 2:1-9 he got in the faces of the people because they celebrated prematurely and therefore became disillusioned about the look of the Temple. They were comparing it to Solomon’s Temple and all its beauty. The victory they experienced by getting back to work was short lived. It was a short-term victory.

My encouragement to you is to enjoy those victories that God gives, but don’t let the short-term distract you from sustained victory. Sustained Victory is needed in your devotional life, your marriage, your job, and what you watch and look at to bring fame to His Name.


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