Posted by: Matt Rice | 04/26/2010


Does your priority list look like this?:

1.    God

2.    Spouse

3.    Kids

4.    Job

5.    Church

Let me rephrase the question – Do you want your priority list to look like this? Most believers say this order is what it should look like ,only to have the real list – a second list – in the front pocket of denial.

Haggai was used of God to get in the face of the Jews who had lost their way. Their agenda was priority number 1, and as a result, they were working harder and had little to show for it. Have you ever felt this way?

I will say this week was one of the hardest messages I have had to prepare in a long time. My priority has been for some time to prepare and pray, for me as the pastor and the church – for it (and me) to do well. I certainly don’t see the problem with praying these prayers. However, my priority in approaching the text was not with what God was telling me, but where I could use this message? To put it bluntly – I was prostituting the text. There have been leaks in my devotional life for this sin. I have found that God wants to fill me up with all of him and not just so that I can give it back to my peeps……. But that I might be stirred up to “glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.”

What a week. I pray that you will be brutally honest with yourself about your priorities. Here are some ways to know if your priorities are out of order (Thanks Chip Ingram):

1.    Busyness. You are always late, rushed and never have enough “time” in the day.

2.    Leaking Devotional Life. You have adopted some shortcuts to spending time with the Lord. Whereas you once blocked off time with the Lord you now pray and read (if you do) as you are driving.

3.    Troubled Finances. The greatest way to tell what is important to you.

4.    Emotional Stress. You are tired, not relaxed, and have a sense of being overwhelmed.

5.    Escapism Behavior. You are so overwhelmed you just escape to a mindless and thoughtless activity like TV or the computer.

I close with a warning. If you are a believer and have your priorities out of order, I challenge you to CONSIDER YOUR WAYS. God will not tolerate us living by the second list and promoting the first. Let’s live and promote King Jesus.


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