Posted by: Matt Rice | 03/26/2010

The Bible in DVR

I love DVR…. Skipping the commercials, pausing for a snack or to quiet the kids, and watching shows when you want to watch them are all the benefits of having DVR. I had lunch recently with a friend, and he helped me see something profound about the Bible and DVR.

Just imagine for a moment that you did not watch your favorite basketball team play their rival game. You have the game on DVR. You have not looked at the score, heard the score, and do not know who won the game. After a tired Sunday night, you decide to go to bed and watch the game the next morning. You wake up and accidentally see the score on the news before watching the RECORDED game and see your teams wins by 5.

How does this change the outcome of you watching the game? It would be less stressful. You are probably more pleasant and there is less yelling at the TV or refs. Even if your team is down during the game, you know they win and it settles you down. Being down by 15 doesn’t matter when the victory is assured. I would like you to see the bible this way, and the assured victory to all followers of Christ.

I wonder if you stress over issues like I do at times? Could it be the constant ear aches of the kids is driving you crazy? Could it be the trials at work that distract you? Could it be the rising cost of healthcare? Could it be the diagnosis of a serious illness? I want you fast forward to the end of the bible and see who wins. Those who follow Christ are assured victory.

So, stop living like you don’t know the outcome. Live in the reality of Jesus – who is not in the grave.


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