Posted by: Matt Rice | 02/09/2010

Forced to REST….and be reminded

I grew up in Ballston Lake, NY and South Windsor, CT. Both of these suburbs got a lot of snow. New York averaged 100 inches of snow per year to Connecticut’s admirable 55 inches a year.  I do not miss this at all. However, a good snow every once in a while is good, especially for the kids.

Five inches of snow in NY or CT does nothing to them. Life goes on. However, here in the ill prepared south, things come to a screeching halt when the threat of snow comes much less the real thing. It is during this latest “snowstorm,” that I  learned a hard lesson. “Be still and know that I am God.” I have used this verse to comfort people, used it during a sermon, and in my personal time of devotion.

However, this forced pause to reflect on the bigness of God due to the snow was timely. I usually wake up in the morning running, with looking to check things off the to-do list. This week my sermon is done (did not preach Sunday) and had great time with the family. We watched movies, read books, went sledding, and took naps.

I am grateful for the snow and the reminder to “Be still and know…”


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