Posted by: Matt Rice | 01/14/2010

Parenting……the joys and trials

I love being a dad. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Sometimes I struggle with providing the consistency that my kids need. Other times, it is the frustration and not losing my cool. However, in the middle of the daily trying times there are beautiful moments where you become overwhelmed by the grace of God in this role.

For instance, I was riding in the car with Andrew and asked him what he wanted to see in 2010. Here is his response:

1.    I want to be a MOG – That is a man of God.

2.    I want big things for The Creek.

3.    I want to run after Jesus, Dad, and know Him more.

Let me first say that Andrew is a people pleaser. I believe he wants this….as well as wants to please me with his answer. Whatever the reason, I was so encouraged. In the midst of the refereeing between kids, God gave me this nugget of encouragement.


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