Posted by: Matt Rice | 12/17/2009

Reflections from Sunday….Part 2

I love basketball.  I usually play point guard or shooting guard, but its not because I can dribble or shoot the best. That is just my role with the group of guys I play with. I am the smaller of the group and they are at their best when they rebound and box out. I can rebound and box out but that is not my ROLE. I have a role to dribble, set screens, take (or miss) the open shot. That is my role. When we play our best, it is because the team members are playing their roles. The same can be said about marriage. You need to know your role to experience God’s best.

For the marriage to function the way God designed and wants, husbands and wives must know their roles. There is so much push back over the word “submission” inside and outside of the church. What God desires is for men to love unconditionally, and for women to respect unconditionally. When husbands respond in love to their spouse as a result of the love that is showered to him by Christ, his wife will willingly follow his lead.

God wants us to be committed to each other – not just to the marriage. Here are some thoughts from Sunday:

1. Submission to your husband is a voluntary yielding in love.

2. Submission means that husband and wife are EQUAL with COMPLEMENTARY roles.

3. Submission is modeled after Jesus.

4. Submission is a response to the grace God has given you demonstrated in and through marriage.

5. Submission does not mean man is the ultimate authority – GOD IS.

6. Submission does not mean you don’t influence or have independent thoughts.

7. Submission does not mean you obey even unto sin.

8. Submission does not mean woman are less important, intelligent, or competent.

9. Wives – do you respect your husband?

10. Do you encourage you husband?

Know your role to experience God’s best.


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