Posted by: Matt Rice | 11/06/2009

Rob Bell at Catalyst 09

I am not a huge Rob Bell fan. However, I heard him speak at Catalyst 09 recently.  What he said challenged me greatly in the area of my family. Here are two questions he posed and one statement:

1.    Does your wife get the best you have or does she get the scraps left over?

2.    What day of the week do you not answer or send emails and what day of the week can no one talk to you because you turned your phone off?

3.    (Statement) What Jesus wants to do is set us free to enjoy him and not worry about the “best church list,” the accolades, prestige, or power we arrogantly desire.”

The context of this talk was directed to leaders – mostly church leaders – who are driven by numbers. He boldly confronted this fearful plight by urging us to leave a mark with our families and churches without the pursuit of ungodly definitions of success.


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