Posted by: Matt Rice | 11/04/2009

Lessons at Catalyst 09

I love listening to Andy Stanley. He has learned the art of communication brilliantly. He is the pastor of Northpoint in Atlanta, GA. I love the one-liners he has  (he calls them the BIG IDEA or TAKE AWAY) when he speaks.  He has helped me when I speak to make sure people have something they can walk away with, chew on, and apply. He spoke at a conference I recently attended and here are my “take aways.”

1.    “Every leader leaves a mark – what kind of mark will you leave?”

2.    “At the end of your life/leadership will you be able to say God used me in a significant way?”

3. “God is not asking, “How am I going to be apart of your story” BUT “HOW ARE YOU GOING TO BE APART OF MY STORY?”

4.    Joshua – A leader UNDER authority not IN authority.

5.    “God takes full responsibility for the life wholly devoted to Him..”

6.    “Whose mark is it for?”

7.    “Who am I for?”

8.    “Living to make your mark is TOO SMALL to give your life to.”


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