Posted by: Matt Rice | 09/25/2009

Games People Play

I love to hear Matt Chandler preach. He is the pastor of The Village Church in Texas. He preached a message in Luke on authority. He said there are three reasons why people do not obey God:

1.    The answer: God wants me to be happy.

2.    The answer: Grace is redefined. “I will do what I want to do and God will just have to deal with it.” (sex outside of marriage; live together; etc.)

3.    The answer: Bargain. God says go left and you say no, but I will go right harder faster and stronger than ever. Maybe you will read your bible more, witness more but you will not go where God said go. Instead, you will add something to your life to make you feel better.

He said a lot of people who give these excuses see themselves as victims in Gods plan. Chandler says, “No, you are not a victim, but a sinner and you need to repent.”

Play games with your kids, not with God. Don’t redefine what He has perfectly defined. In terms of obedience he in interested in:

1.    Making you Holy (not Happy)

2.    Giver of Grace – not a license to sin or redefine biblical and historical doctrine.

3.    The Guide for your life who knows what is best. Don’t bargain but obey.


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