Posted by: Matt Rice | 09/17/2009

Deliver Me-Psalm 120

Ski-MountainColorado is a great place to ski. I have mostly skied in the man made stuff in NC, but there is a big difference in skiing in what God has made. On our trip to CO 9 years ago, Dana and I were on a two-seat chair lift with no bar. I am terrified of heights. The “no bar” reality did not help.

The hardest part of the chair lift is getting on and off. In getting on, Dana and I got our skies tangled. I was in my seat completely but Dana was not so lucky. She yelled at me in desperation for help, as she and the chair were moving quickly up the mountain. I mustered the manliest words I could say at the time, “I’m sorry. I can’t.” I was squeezing the metal out of the center pole of our chair. I was too afraid to let go.

When you call out in trouble whom do you call on? Verse 1 of Psalm 120 says, “In my distress I called to the Lord, (here it comes) and He answered me.”

Maybe your marriage is in trouble, your kids are rebelling, and you are loosing your shirt in various investments, making bad decisions or wondering aimlessly without purpose. I encourage you to read this Psalm.

Make sure you are calling on the right Person when you are distressed.


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