Posted by: Matt Rice | 07/11/2009

One Year…..

June 28, 2009 was the one- year anniversary The Creek has been on her own. We left Apex Baptist and took over Carpenter Elementary School in Cary. I thought it would be good to go over some of the highlights this past year:

1.    Numerical Growth – we are growing. We had 65 when we started and are hovering around 95. Numbers are not everything but do help us see where we are.

2.    Biological Growth – now this is one way to grow a church. We have two new additions to The Creek this past Spring with 6 more coming by November.

3.    Huddle Groups – We are having leadership meetings with our huddle group leaders and we can see our groups really diving into God’s word and seeing community take place.

4.    Outreach – HOPE for RDU was a huge success. We have made a big difference in our community by loving and serving them.

5.    Prayer Ministry – We started a monthly corporate prayer service at a local business on Mondays.

6.    Easter Egg Hunt – This was a defining moment for our church. God blessed and The Creek represented.

7.    Crossroads – We took our first group to youth camp this summer. We had 6 kids.

8.    Salvation – We have seen 3 people give their lives to Christ this year. 2 of the 3 were unchurched before God brought The Creek into existence.

9.    The Creek Members – the best group of people to pastor. I love what I do and am honored to be the pastor of The Creek Church.

10.   Baptism – On July 26 we will hold the first baptism service at The Creek. We have 5 to be baptized.

11.     Discipleship – I see our people growing in the word and applying what they know.

I love this!


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