Posted by: Matt Rice | 06/05/2009

Live According to Your Theology

I have been preaching through Philippians. In 4:6 of this book it says, “Do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God.” I have quoted this verse my whole life and even counseled people with this verse. In my study I was overwhelmed by what Mark Driscoll said in commentating on this verse. He said that many of us live according to our anxiety. We are slaves to the worry associated to the various trials of life. Is there going to be enough money this week to buy groceries? How am I going to pay for the car? Why can’t we have kids? Why do these kids stress me out like this? He commented that the reason we are anxious is because we do not live according to our theology.

I challenge you – do you serve a sovereign God? Do you believe he is in control? Do you believe he will take care of you? In thinking about this statement, I believe the greatest freedom from worry and anxiety is to (as Driscoll states)… live according to our theology. If you believe (I hope you do) that God is just, faithful and loving and sovereign then I encourage you to live like it. Don’t live according to your anxiety – Live according to your theology.



  1. This is a great reminder..I am having one of these kinds of weeks. It is my constant prayer that I will know how to live out my theology rather just be able to easily speak it.

    Hope you are doing well….good rafting story..sometime, I’ll tell you about Marsha getting thrown out when we were in Colorado last year–my kids were traumatized but it sure was funny.

    Talk to you soon.

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