Posted by: Matt Rice | 05/26/2009


I love white water rafting. It is an incredible rush, a great view of God’s creation, and good time with friends. Recently, some guys from The Creek and I went rafting down the Nolichucky river in western NC and eastern TN.  I rafted this river 13 years ago and it was not much fun. The water level was so low at one point we had to stop, pick up our boats and walk to the faster moving water. However, that was not the case this time.  nolichucky-river

Rafting was scheduled for Friday. We arrived on Thursday and after getting settled in, the skies opened up and dumped 6 inches of rain on us. Local schools were closed due to washed out roads, the river was roaring and were going rafting. Actually, truth be told, the guides who checked the level of the river “fudged” some so we could raft. Thanks guys.

Our guide was a rafting veteran of 31 years who lived in a school bus “down by the river. “ His name was Jed. The rapids were fast and furious and unrelenting the first 2.5 hours. Just before lunch, after coming through a furious stretch, I saw Jed fly about 6 feet out of the raft into the furor of the Nolichucky along with our lunch bag.

We got Jed up to the boat to pull him in and he yelled, “GET ME IN THE BOAT NOW!” He was lifted into the boat coughing from the water he swallowed and in time for another challenging wave of rapids. He said, “I yelled at you guys to get me in the boat because I knew what was ahead.”

This situation made me think of the sovereign God of the universe that knows what is ahead. He guides us, molds us, leads us, and sometimes yells (not audibly) because He knows what is ahead. Jed said, “I did not want to get stuck in that next rapid. It is a nasty one.” He also did not want a bunch of inexperienced guys to go into the unknown waves with out a guide.

I challenge you to “GET IN THE BOAT NOW” of God’s grace. He knows what is ahead of you and desires for you to surrender your life to him so he can guide you.


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