Posted by: Matt Rice | 05/13/2009

Mid-Sermon Escapes

What is it like to plant a church and prepare sermons every week? I can tell you the sermon prep part is hard work. I love preaching. However, grinding over the text is hard word and sometimes I need a break. Here are my favorite mid-sermon prep escapes:

  1. Check my email. I am a fanatic about readying my email and getting back to people quickly. I have the little bell notifying me of an incoming message but I even check when I don’t hear the bell.
  2. Checking my Fantasy Baseball Team. I have played Fantasy Baseball with 9 other guys I went to college with for the past 7 years. We go away the first week of March every year and draft out teams, tell stories, play flag football, and laugh at each other. In 7 years my record is 33 wins and 88 loses. I am terrible and think each year is my year.
  3. Yes – The other FB. I check Facebook.

These are my mindless musings of mid-sermon escapes.


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