Posted by: Matt Rice | 04/30/2009

The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition was held last week in Chicago. I was able to attend with my wife and two other couples. We had a great time. Here are the highlights in random order:

1.    The Gospel is good news and sufficient. I was reminded and renewed in the emphasis on expository preaching and the cross of Christ.

2.    John Piper said, “Don’t hover over the text. Land in the text. Most of you are hovering and never land.” I was so encouraged by this exhortation/rebuke.

3.    Giordano’s – Chicago’s deep-dish pizza is all that and then some.

4.    Wrigley Field was awesome – I have been to Fenway, The old Yankee stadium and Wrigley. Cubs got killed but it was great.

5.    Of the 4000 people in attendance there many were under 40 years old. I love this stat. My generation is seeing it is not about entertainment but the GOSPEL.

6.    There are different ways to preach expository messages. It was a blessing to see the same commitment lived out in different ways. I still (sorry, J. Edwards) don’t believe reading the sermon is the best way to communicate.

7.    I loved being in Chicago with my wife and friends.


bibleinfo003I was reminded of the centrality of the Gospel and the reliance upon the Holy Spirit (not the commentaries) to reveal the meaning of the text. It was refreshing and encouraging. I was so encouraged by the challenges given were actual things we as a new church are doing (expository preaching and just reading the bible as apart of the worship set).

The Gospel is sufficient. 


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