Posted by: Matt Rice | 04/16/2009

The Creek Church- Part 5

Before I get to Part 5,  let me digress……I have been asked by many how many did you have in attendance on Easter Sunday? My answer to this question is ONE. That is right… ONE.

Numbers are great. I have no idea how many guests we had (I am very interested in this stat) or the total in attendance (again, very interested). I am flying high over the ONE lady who accepted Jesus on Sunday morning. She has been coming to our church for almost a year. In September 2008, she sat on my couch and told my wife and I that God could not love her. This last Sunday – and all the Sundays that led to this one – she was loved by people of The Creek and taught the love, grace, and forgiveness of Jesus. Here is what she said this week after giving her life to Jesus:

Thank you so much for being patient, and a wonderful teacher.  Through

you, and my friends at the Creek, I realized I do not have to be afraid

of anything.  I was holding back for months out of fear of letting God

down.  I am human; I know I will have my shortcomings.  Through this, I

want to be a better mom, wife and Christian.  I have learned that if I

forgive myself, and let God take control, he will NEVER ever steer me

wrong.  I feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted off me, and

I am not afraid.  


OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To The Creek – I love you for loving her. Let’s pray together for her growth. God saves people – doesn’t that just rock your world? I got saved Easter Sunday 1983 and this Sunday was like getting saved all over again. What a big God!!

Now, our process for making disciples – We exist to love people from the bleachers to the field. The FIELD is where the action happens. The life we can live through Christ is beautiful when we realize we are invited to participate (or play),  in his plan of redeeming people into a relationship with Him. We are sovereignly positioned and placed for God’s glory.

What is the FIELD? The field is where God has placed you to represent Him to your family, neighbors, co-workers, and nation. You are first on the FIELD preparing your family (present family or future family for you single peeps). This is the most important mission field you have. Loving, leading and demonstrating to your spouse and kids the greatness of God. The FIELD extends out of your driveway and all the way across the ocean and encompasses everything in between.

What do you do on the FIELD? You have been fashioned with passions and gifts God has given you (I Cor. 12 and Eph. 2:10) to bring others to Him. It is where the teachers teach, the plumbers plumb, the singers sing, and the mechanics fix – all because of HIM. The field is what you have been created for. It is where the action of God’s plan unfolds. God has invited you and I to be a small part of this grand plan. If you are not on the FIELD you will be miserable.

Are you on the FIELD? What is holding you back?

The Creek Church – We exist to love people from the BLEACHERS to the FIELD.




  1. Dude, that is plum awesome…

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