Posted by: Matt Rice | 04/07/2009

The Creek Church – Part 3

Let me start by saying we had 18 guests this past Sunday and 11 last Sunday. I have been able to meet several of our guests and am so encouraged by their attendance. We had 11 of our guests from last Sunday (4/29/09) RETURN this Sunday (5/5/09) and added 9 more. Be ready to greet some unfamiliar faces on Sunday……The Creek is rising. The way our vision is stated is to show movement. We want you personally to know where you are and where God wants you to be – on the field using your gifts to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

sidelines1The next aspect of our vision is the SIDELINES. We love people from the bleachers to the field. Some people are in the bleachers as discussed in Part 2 and are far from God. There are some on the SIDELINES who are timid and cautious about jumping all in. They have reservations, concerns, and questions about God, but are open to learning. They have been to church but not on a regular basis. They differ from those in the bleachers because of their openess to God. Some have a relationship with Jesus and some do not. Most of those on the sidelines were a part of a church and for some reason stopped attending. Now, they are slowly contemplating the decision to return to church.

The Christian life is best lived on the field. Some get there quicker than others. One thing we must remember is that the journey to the field is a process. For some the road is long and curvy. For others the road is obvious and straight. Either way it takes time for this to happen. So what does this mean for The Creek? We love them while God moves them. God is the great transformer and initiator of change. We pray for them, love them, encourage them when we can, and hang out with them while God loves them through us and moves them through his Spirit.

As a junior in high school, I had a friend ask me about my bible next to my bed. I was not bold in my faith and was embarrassed he asked about it. He probed and I blew off his questions. I can remember the setting perfectly today. He was open to God and had many questions about faith and I did not represent. I want to encourage you to be ready for those on the SIDELINES who just might be ready to get in the game. Making a difference for Christ is played out on the field of God’s plan.


The BLEACHERS and SIDELINES are a boring and lonely place. Life in Christ is best lived out on the field. Go love someone today while God moves him.



  1. Thanks for these blogs and all that you do for our church. God has definitely blessed you and your family! Much Love.

  2. This one has the wrong year, but I got the message. Thanks Matt. We are blessed to have you as our leader!

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