Posted by: Matt Rice | 02/19/2009

Dana Qualls Rice

Batman has Robin. Bo has Luke. The Lone Ranger has Tonto. I have Dana. Having a partner in crime (or ministry) is so essential. I have always had a fear of making a mistake. This fear has paralyzed me from making decisions too quickly. I tend to think long and hard over things. This is true with family decisions all the way to getting dressed. Sometimes this fear gets the best of me.

I want to give credit to the greatest decision, outside of Christ, that I have made. That is asking Dana Lynn Qualls to marry me. They say that wine is better as it gets older – I do not drink – but Dana Qualls Rice is the total package. After 4 kid’s and12.5 years with me, she is more beautiful today than ever.img_0216

Batman may have the Boy Wonder. Bo may have had cousin Luke. The Lone Ranger may have had Tonto. However, I have Dana Qualls Rice. She is the best partner in ministry I could ask for. She understands that life is all about the Gospel. 


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