Posted by: Matt Rice | 01/24/2009

First UNC Game

I love the UNC Tarheels. I live 20 minutes away from Chapel Hill and rarely attend games. However, with the coaxing of my brother-in-law, we loaded up Sunday Dec. 28th  with his two boys and two of my boys, and all 6 of us headed for the Hill…..without tickets.

Kevin can talk anyone into anything. He has that gift (or curse). I was excited to go even though game time was bedtime for my boys. He was convinced we could get tickets at the door. He parked the car, and I held up my hand signaling my need for tickets…..6 of them.

I was not there 5 minutes when this man came over and gave me two……on the lower level (Luke got in free because of age).  I love the Tarheels. How could you not?

img_0074          img_0080




  1. Hey, Matt! I linked over from Lance’s blog and was happy to see all the family pics. I hope you are all well. We sure miss seeing you on Sundays but love catching up with our Creek friends and hearing all that God is doing. Tell Dana “hi” for me!


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