Posted by: Matt Rice | 12/21/2008

The Dog Whisperer

I am a Christian, husband, dad and DOG WHISPERER. I know… I know. Many of you thought, rightfully so, that I am scared to death of dogs. It does not matter how big, how small, what color or what breed. I am, excuse me… use to be, scared of dogs. I am feeling a transformation take place.

Dogs can sense fear. My whole life they have sensed fear in me. I was pinned in a snow bank by princess the Doberman, chased and bitten on the elbow while riding my ten-speed by some sheltie, pinned in a bathroom by Elvis the German-Shepherd AND police dog.

However, times are changing. I caught Allie the jack-russell 2 weeks ago. img_0017I called the owner and even held the dog. Today, I have Sparks in my backyard. He got free from his home and the owners are nowhere to be found. This is the cool part….he is a boxer. Did you hear that? A boxer.  That is just cool.

I have come to NW Cary to “seek and save” the lost. However, I have sensed another calling….. this is Matt Rice…. the FEARLESS and TRANSFORMED Dog Whisperer. 


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