Posted by: Matt Rice | 12/18/2008


I recently went to eat lunch with my son. He is in kindergarten and loves it. I met him for lunch and this is what I learned:

1. They still have the “lunchroom ladies.” They are there to help with napkins, straws, spoons, etc. They were much nicer than Mrs. O’Brien at Chango Elementary where I went. The kids loved asking me to help them. One boy said me, “I need some salad dressing.”

2. You are not allowed to talk – even whisper – for the first five minutes of lunch. How do I know? I was reprimanded 4 times by 4 different five year olds for talking too loud.  One student rebuked me, “You are not allowed to talk or whisper until the flag goes down.” They have a flag on their table. When that flag goes down, you can talk……but not before.

3. Bakugans are cool. One boy smuggled in his prized backkgan in his lunch box and showed it to me. Pretty cool I have to admit.

4. Going Green – The hard plastic trays of the late 80’s have been replaced by the “green movement” with Styrofoam trays. There are more trashcans than kids it seems. You have trashcans for the trays, for trash, for bottles and cans so they can recycle.

5. Classic Rock Rules in Kindergarten.  One student asked me if I had ever heard of this song as she broke out clapping rhythmically on her knees interspersed with clapping, “We will we will ROCK YOU, ROCK YOU.” Yes, I believe I know that song.

6. The Nations Represented. Andrew’s class was full of diversity. As a church planter, I loved seeing this. It was a great sight and a great challenge to continue to vision and dream of ways to reach these families with the Gospel. One girl asked me, after she finished singing to me, if I knew that God had 4 arms and leg. What challenges lie ahead. What a Big GOD we serve.

7. MY BOY. Andrew does not want to bring attention to himself. He plays by the rules. I am so proud of him. He goes to school, he reads now, he loves his friends, and he loves hanging out with me……I love hanging out with him…… even in the cafeteria. 


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