Posted by: Matt Rice | 11/06/2008

Vision and Dreaming

I love the people of THE CREEK. I love laughing with them, and serving God with them. I have such a continued burden for our city and world. I have had a vision of planting a church in this area for two years. God burdened me for this area, moved me to this area, and has allowed me to pastor in this area.

The question that will not leave me is: “What do you want your church to look like? “ I have a vision and a dream what we will look like (we are not there yet). Join me as I list a few.

1.   Culturally Diverse

If you want to reach you community you must look like your community. I am not sure whom I stole this from but it succinctly states a challenge for the (new) church to reach beyond themselves to people of other races and cultures. To be blunt, I do not want THE CREEK to be so white. I have a dream and a vision to reach beyond the whiteness of my own upbringing.

 2.   Doctrinally Sound – Transformed living.

I am not the smartest guy in the class. I have a doctorate and did well in school because I worked hard – not because I scored 1500 on the SAT, took 30 AP classes, and aced every test.  I worked hard. My vision and dream is that my flock will understand the great essentials of the faith and live them in a transformed way that leads others to ask them what the difference is in their lives. Also, part of my vision is that I will not avoid the great doctrines and be confident in the Holy Spirit in presenting them.

3.   Prayer

I believe the road to The Creek being who God wants her to be, is paved through PRAYER. Heartfelt intercession among the members to call on God to move us toward His will. This way what we want, is the very thing God wants himself.

Culturally diverse, doctrinally sound, transformed living, and prayer. For this to be a reality to the church, it must continue to be a reality in my life. I have a vision and am dreaming what the day’s ahead look like.

I pray one day this will move from hoping and dreaming to living it out. Oh, Happy Day!!!




  1. good stuff bro. You should check out Keller’s book called “Ministries of Mercy.” Great stuff on transforming a city

    much love to the rizzy’s and Da Crizzy Creek.

  2. Matt, you are a man of vision and passion. Thanks for letting me invate you life. I see a new plant in your future. Her name is Brightleaf and she believes in what you are doing.

  3. […] Quck Glance:  The Creek, a new church in NW Cary.  Here is a summary article on the vision from Matt Rice’s blog. […]

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