Posted by: Matt Rice | 10/28/2008

“In My Father’s House there are many rooms…..”

Andrew has a regular double bed. Mollie has a queen bed in her room. Luke sleeps on a twin bed in his own room. Jake is confined to the crib in his room. Each night, Mollie wakes up and leaves her room and gets in the bed with Andrew. We believe this is around 2-4 am. Luke will sometime awake around 5 am and also gets in bed with Andrew and Mollie. He sleeps at the foot of the bed. Andrew is putting up with this early morning sleep over, but he is not very excited about it.

The question is – what about Jake? There is no room in the bed for Jake.  There is no room for Jake in Andrew’s room. However, there is plenty of room for all in the Father’s House….. for there are “many rooms.”

John 14:2-3 talks about heaven. Jesus said there were “many rooms” in this “house.” First, the house is the abode of God – it has more to do with being in the spiritual presence of God than the physical place. Second, “many rooms” is illustrative that there is more than enough room for everyone. “For all who call upon the name of the Lord” for salvation will have a place; They will not be turned away.

There may not be enough room in Andrew’s room or bed for Jake……but there is room in heaven for all. 


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