Posted by: Matt Rice | 10/15/2008

What are you Focused On?

What is your focus in life? I know that seems like a spiritual question and you might be waiting for my pastoral answer. I am going to be straight up with you – the focus of the Rice Household is THE POTTY. Yes, the potty, and all her glory. Luke, our third child and second boy, is ready.

I have learned that you cannot force this issue. You suggest, encourage, and sit for the success of this discipline. You can reward (sounds better than bribe) with Starburst or mini- candy bars. Here are some lessons we have learned:

1.     Never be far away from the potty.

2.     Limit distractions during the season – Dana hasn’t cooked in a month.

3.     Get running shoes – You may have to run regardless of how close you are.

4.     There are no false alarms.

5.     No piggyback rides or riding on the shoulders. Enough said.

Stay focused. We are in this for the long haul!



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