Posted by: Matt Rice | 09/23/2008

Billy Banks and Infomercial Christianity

I remember sitting in my apartment around 1997 watching football. I was flipping stations and saw this ripped up guy named Billy Blanks.  I stopped and wanted to see what he was selling. He was kicking, punching, sweating, and selling his workout video…..something he called Tae Bo.

I was hooked. I watched the whole commercial and bought the video. I could not wait for Dana and I to workout with Billy Blanks. I was hooked to see what I would look like if I did Tae Bo.

Some people today are signing up for infomercial Christianity. They get hooked on Jesus for what he can do rather than who he is. In John 6, Jesus was trying to tell the Jews he was the Bread of Life and could fill them – spiritually speaking. They persisted in following him because of the miracles he did not the Savior he was.

I challenge you to look at Jesus as the sustenance for living; the light of the world; the author and finisher of faith. Come to him and service him for who He is – not that quick fix you may be looking for. 


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