Posted by: Matt Rice | 09/20/2008

Great Day……but not a destination.

September 14, 2008 was a great day in every way possible. We had 131 people come through the doors of The Creek Church. This was our first public service and a great day all around.

I serve as the pastor of the best church planting team in the world. I love what God is doing and what he will continue to do. My sister attended the first service and said, “You have a great team. They are dedicated, passionate, and READY!”

Ready… I love this part. We are ready to see and participate in a movement of God. That is why Sunday was a good day but not our destination. We have a long way to go and a great team to get us there.

To all members of The Creek  – I love you guys!



  1. Oh dear friends, you are a thrill to watch as you grow! I saw that you have over 3,000 hits! Way COOL! Now all they have to do is is take one more step thru those doors! The purpose will indeed exceed all pain as you folks continue to grow as a church and in Christ. I so wish that I could be one of those who walks thru your doors, but I would have to go against Gods word to do that. Apparently, He isn’t done with me here yet! I have seen God work in amazing ways! He literally saved my life (it probably hasn’t been shared, but I am a Christian suicide survivor). Make no mistake, God is in control! AND…amidst all the “free will” He offers…..He also reserves His right to veto some of our ridiculous decisions based on His purpose. OR I guess He really just turns it around to make our poor decisions fit into His purpose. Hmmmmm I could write a book so I’ll shut up now. I have no idea how I just confessed that. another hmmmmm. WELL, I JUST LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! PS: when I visited NC, all I could say was “GOD IS ALL OVER THIS!!!!!”

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