Posted by: Matt Rice | 09/05/2008

Popcorn Glorification

My kids love watching movies. They love the popcorn better.  I love the smell of popcorn better than the taste. Making the popcorn is so easy and makes the house smell great.

You set that back of tightly packed kernels in the microwave. You set the timer on 2:30 and just wait. Once the bell goes off, the kids are crazy; the bag is about to burn your fingers. You cut the bag open, let the steam out and pour the popcorn into the waiting bowl. However, you hear the click click sound of some hard kernels that did not move on to the final phase of popcorn glorification.

The kernels were exposed to the same amount of radiation. They were exposed to the same amount of buttery saturation yet did not make it. The bowl is full of popcorn. However, there are some that did not “pop” and stayed the same.

Let me ask you some questions: Are you actively attending church? Are you apart of something much bigger than yourself for God’s glory? Are you living who you were created to be? Are you sitting high up in God’s plan our are you resting like a “kernel” in the bottom of the bowl refusing to be changed?

Allow God to change you. Get involved in a church and serve God passionately. You were created for this…..not the bottom of the bowl. (Thanks to Robert Smith with help on this illustration). 


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