Posted by: Matt Rice | 09/03/2008

Coach Matt

I have added another title to my name. I am a disciple of Christ, a husband to Dana, a father to Andrew, Mollie, Luke and Jake, a son of Rita and Shelton, a brother to Will and Shelle, and a brother-in-law to Robbie, Kevin and Tiffany. But my newest title is COACH MATT.

I am not an athlete. I work hard, know my limits, and love to play.  In softball (church softball….slow pitch)  I try to hit it out of the infield, in basketball I have not seen a shot I don’t like, and usually shoot triple digits in golf.  I am quite good at Wii Bowling.

But today was a dream come true. I am the Assistant Coach of the 5 year old Cougar’s basketball team  – my son Andrew’s team. I have dreamed of this day when I could coach my son. Practice went well and Andrew loved every minute. He told me, “You are my dad, a pastor, and now a coach. You have a new title on your name Dad.”

My dad had this title and wore it well for a long time. It is my turn now. Just call me COACH MATT. 



  1. “Coach” has been one of my favorite titles as well. For me it’s all about getting the know the kids and maybe teach them something in the process. Usually they end up teaching me as much as I teach them. I always loved it when they called me Coach Cheryl rather than Mrs. Cheryl. What an awesome sense of responsibility… and what fun! I also enjoyed coaching basketball when the girls were still shorter than me and I could block their shots without really trying. Or when I coached soccer and the kids were still at the stage when they didn’t think anybody’s mom could actually play. Great memories!

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