Posted by: Matt Rice | 08/28/2008

“What is different about The Creek?”



The question above has been posed to my wife and I a couple of times in the last month. We have been meeting people through the pool, neighborhood, and big events. The question IS important. There are churches and church plants all over the place. What is it that makes THE CREEK CHURCH different, unique, and special?

I want to be able to answer this question quickly, boldly and proudly. I have been teaching for months what we are about- Loving People from the Bleachers to the Field. To answer this question now, would be more predictive than real.

 I know what our church is about and what we want to accomplish. I know how we plan on doing that – loving people, serving people, and teaching expository messages from the bible. We are not an emergent church. We are not an attractional church. I have learned that in establishing who you are, you must know who you are not. We believe you can reach the unchurched by teaching systematic lessons from the bible. This is our approach and our vision.

To be able to answer the question, “What makes THE CREEK CHURCH different?” you need to look at our core group that God has given us. This group loves Christ and is ready to live, to love and to serve the world starting in NW Cary. I have the best team a pastor could ask for. What a great starting point. The rest of the answer will come later…and I am ok with that. 


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