Posted by: Matt Rice | 08/26/2008

Fisher Price, Legos, Star Wars or Quality Time

What was your favorite toy growing up? My brother Will and I loved building things with our legos. My kids love their toys; Andrew loves music and anything to do with music. Mollie loves crafts and art stuff. Luke loves to ask questions and investigate. Jake loves his passy.

As much as they love their toys, their favorite thing to do is “hang” with their Dad (sorry babe…my blog). Andrew and Mollie love to be tickled and cannot wait for this to happen each night. We have this landing pad outside their rooms we call the “tickle pad.” They run from me but always give up to be tickled by the “tickle monster.” Luke wants to ride in the Tahoe and GO with me (or anyone for that matter). He loves the pool and being thrown to the “sky.”  Jake loves to be thrown in the air. He “rode” the airplane for the first time this week. My size 12’s kept him safely soaring in the family room with a turbulent free landing on the couch.

With 4 kids we get asked a lot, “What can I get the kids?” We have the greatest set of grandparents who shower them with clothes, toys, and unconditional love. But, there is no substitute for hanging out.  (Nana and Grammy – please don’t abandon your love gifts….I am trying to make a point)

All the stuff in the world and my kids still crave, hunger, and long for quality time with their dad. I love the simple lessons kids can teach.  I have to admit my quality time with the Lord was suffering as I began planting a church. All my preparation was jointly checked off as time with the Lord. It was a foggy and frustrating time.

However, I am pumped to say the fog has lifted and the visibility is above 80%. My kids helped me get back the basics and enjoy the journey and the quality time with the Lord. I have one thing to say, “Get your bathing suits on. When I get home we are headed to the pool…….to just hang out. “


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