Posted by: Matt Rice | 08/13/2008


Mark 10:45 says, “The Son of Man did not come into the world to be served, but to SERVE and give his life a ransom for many.”

I love this verse. I love seeing THE CREEK CHURCH applying this in NW Cary. Jesus came to serve…not be served. Through our Huddle Groups (small bible study groups) we have adopted a school, a business, and a neighborhood to love and serve. That is 7 Huddle Groups =  7 schools adopted, 7 businesses, and 7 neighborhoods. We have block parties being planned for neighborhoods, we have Panera being brought to local school offices, and we have pizza being delivered to local businesses.  Why?

First, we want to let them know THE CREEK CHURCH is here. We want to have the opportunity to invite them to our first service on September 14, 2008. We want them to talk about “this church” who keeps serving “us” among the parents.

Second, we want the opportunity to share Christ with them. We want to love them, serve them, and one day share with them about the death, burial and resurrection of JESUS. I see no greater honor to serve those who serve our community and along the way share eternal truth. 

Hey NW Cary…….The Creek Church is here to SERVE you.



  1. Hey Matt. I was friends with Buffy in High School and know David Thompson very well. I went to UNC and planted a church in Midtown. I’m back in RTP to plant again…my wife is working at Duke in the PICU. I’d love to connect. My email is My blog is The church is going to be called Brightleaf and will more than likely be in Downtown Durham.

    Not sure if you are on facebook, but you can find me there as well.

    My number is…if I can remember…919.381.7117. We just moved.


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