Posted by: Matt Rice | 08/08/2008


Going Green. You cannot watch TV, go to the grocery store, or live in the world today and not hear about who is “going green.” There are stars all over who advocate this idea. The going green ideology is a belief in responsibility. The premise of this belief is to do your part in saving energy to protect the environment. For many, this idea permeates the way they live. 

Going Simple.  The belief in going simple is that less is more (so original I know).  You can do more by focusing on the few disciplines you can do well. There is so much to consider when planting a church. There is the set-up and take down, the vision, the teaching, the website ( up next week- check us out) the budget, and how to reach people.

When you realize you cannot do everything you choose what will help you accomplish your vision and goal the best. We at The Creek are pouring ourselves into (1) Sunday morning services and our (2) Huddle Groups (home bible studies). It is these two areas we are using to teach and live out our vision. We do not have AWANAS, 4 nights of bible study, and Upward largely because we don’t have our own place. However, in not having the space I have been forced to consider the simpler approach and love the freedom and focus of this idea.  

 I have now seen the going simple challenge in the book THE SIMPLE CHURCH by Eric Geiger and Thom Rainer.  They suggest to do things simple (ex. doing less, have one purpose statement for all ministries) so your whole church can gather under one umbrella of purpose/vision God gives you.

This belief and practice has blessed me and liberated me. I want everybody who comes to The Creek to get out on the field of God’s plan and be apart of building the Kingdom. By focusing on these two areas- the worship service and the huddle groups and doing them with excellence – we can plant people and churches all over the world. 

Going Simple….a belief liberating to a new church planter.


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