Posted by: Matt Rice | 08/05/2008

Drawing a Picture of Jesus and a Look-Back

Being a dad is tough, incredible, and rewarding. Recently, I got an email from a teacher at our new church plant – The Creek – that encouraged me greatly. This teacher was teaching Andrew –  my oldest son’s class. The lesson was on lessons learned in the story of Mary who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair. The lesson transitioned to drawing a picture of something you would give someone because of Jesus.

She wrote that she noticed Andrew’s paper was blank. She continued and asked him, “Andrew do you not understand the lesson?” He responded, “I understand. I am just going to draw a picture of Jesus because I want all my friends to have Jesus.” 

The Gospel is incredible. What is also incredible (not in the same sense of the Gospel)  is for your very own to – in a child-like way – say and illustrate bringing the Gospel to his friends. As he got out of the car this week to start kindergarten, he walked about 20 yards and gave me a “look-back” over the left shoulder without breaking stride ensuring me he was okay with going to his mission field.   

Go Andrew ( and readers) draw a picture of Jesus for your friends and those in your circle and don’t break stride….even when you give a quick look-back.


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