Posted by: Matt Rice | 08/04/2008

Chosen to Share


While in seminary many of my friends, acquaintances, and even professors talked about divine election and/versus the freewill of man. Most of the time the conversation was friendly, cordial, and enlightening. However, I remember walking to class several times and getting the question, “Are you a Calvinist? If so, we are having a reformed bible study tonight in Johnson Hall. I hop you can come?  Personally, I think this kind of recruitment was/is a waste of time and just plain silly. 

Dr. Paige Patterson, the president of the seminary at the time, addressed this passionate recruitment technique among the “reformers.” He said, (my words) “For those of you trying to recruit people to a Calvinistic bible study please refrain. Just study the bible. Also, I will be happy about talking to you about this issue. Just make an appointment with my secretary and when you come make sure you bring the last 3 people you led to Christ.”

My deal is this – when the bible preaches election you preach election and when the bible preaches freewill you preach freewill. I am comfortable not understanding how these two doctrines go together.  I am very comfortable with teaching that all people are chosen and commanded to share. One of the greatest honors you can have is sharing the Gospel with someone. You have people in evangelical circles like Johnny Hunt, Mark Driscoll, John Piper and Billy Graham who are committed to privately and publicly sharing the Gospel regardless of how many points of Calvinism they affirm or struggle with.

What are the names of the last 3 people you led to Christ? What are the dates of the last 3 times you tried? I believe the importance is on the second question. I challenge you to share your faith….you have been chosen to share. 


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