Posted by: Matt Rice | 07/29/2008

Dad, What if they don’t speak English?

Living in NW Cary has been incredible. The people we have been able to meet has been so eye opening. Our church, The Creek, wants to do a block party for the neighbors in my subdivision. Last Saturday, Andrew and I went out to the cul de sac where we want the party to be to ask our neighbors if this was ok. This cul de sac is a perfect location for this party. 

On our way to the asking for permission, Andrew – my five year old stunned me with his wisdom and observations. He asked, “Dad, what are we going to do if they don’t speak English?” I was aghast at this question and observation. He taught me a lesson/challenge – WE MUST KNOW OUR AUDIENCE. (we ran into 3 different nationalities in going to 6 homes). 

Jesus knew the Pharisees were looking and longing for the Kingdom of God. When he was approached by Nicodemus -He said, “You must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God.” Jesus new his audience and therefore, talked about the Kingdom which led to Nicodemus asking a lot of questions and Jesus boldly sharing and illustrating the truth of eternal life. 

I challenge you to be prepared as you live your life as a surrendered believer in Jesus who invites you to share truth with people.  What are you going to do (do you have a plan) if they don’t speak English?


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