Posted by: Matt Rice | 05/14/2008

Small Part of something BIGGER…

What is in a name? I have four kids and it was pretty tough naming them but not nearly as tough as naming the church I pastor. Dana I were convinced our 4th child was a girl and had the name picked out – Lily Mattison Rice. However, JACOB DANIEL RICE forced us to change our plans. We actually settled on Jake on Monday – the day before he was born. 

The past  months have been tough with naming the church. Around Apex we have been referred to as “THE AMBERLY CHURCH PLANT.” This has to change. I have prayed a lot about the name and had two desires – 1. The name tie us into our target area but not too tightly. 2. The name represent our purpose and vision for NW Cary. 

I found a lot about the area by interviewing members of the Town of Cary planning department, builders in the area, and again, a lot of prayer. I have learned there are a lot of CREEKS in the area. I learned the area is continuing to explode in growth where most things have settled a bit. 

I came to a question in this name hunt, “What does a CREEK do?” I studied them a bit and realized a creek is a small flowing body of water that feeds into a larger body of water but equally significant. Then came the analogy – The local church is a small but significant part of the kingdom of God.


I have been telling our members for months that we exist to love people from the bleachers to the field. We desire to plant people and churches all over the world. We are truly a small but important part of the grand plan of God……analogous to a creek and her purpose. 

Therefore, the name of our church is THE CREEK CHURCH. I have been telling people this and they have this puzzled look on their face. They ask why? I then have the honor of telling them the “bigger picture.” I love the name, the ambiguity, the tie to the community, and the reminder of our vision – We are a small part of something BIGGER.  




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  2. Hi Matt,
    I just learned about The Creek Church that you are starting and I wanted to find out how far along this church is. Have you begun to worship and if so where? If not, what is the timeline for this church? I live in NW Cary and have been searching for a new church in my community.
    Btw, love the name and the meaning behind it!

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