Posted by: Matt Rice | 05/12/2008

How Shallow!

When I first visited Spring Pond in South Windsor, CT – the neighborhood pool – I walked up to the edge and dove in. I was new to the town, hanging out with the my new friends, and trying to play it cool. I dove into 3 feet of water and hit my head really hard on the bottom.  The lifeguard yelled at me and said, “Can’t you read. No Diving. Shallow Water.” 

I now live in NW Cary. All my live I have lived around people I am like – looks and interests – but not now.

Now, I live next to some of the most beautiful people in the world. They are from India, East Asia, and Boston. I feel I have lived a shallow life of culture limits. I have thought because we look different and do not speak the same language, (their English is better than my _________) then we will not be able to communicate.

How shallow? 

My mind and prayerfully my influence has been opened drastically in the last 6 weeks. I have a vision for the WORLD now –  not just NW Cary. Join me for a little dream:

1. A father somewhere in India comes to surrender his life to Jesus because his son in Cary, NC discovered that Jesus is the only way from a group of people at THE CREEK CHURCH in Cary, NC. 

2. The father tells his wife and his brother – still in India-  and they too give their lives to Christ.

3. A young couple from a small village in East Asia come to discover God created them, fashioned them, to live for HIS glory at a Huddle Group they were invited to in NW Cary. Upon learning this fact, after years of dialogue, surrender their lives to Christ.

4. They go home each summer and tell their family members about their new “relationship.”  

5. As a result, their kids, their cousins, and childhood friends come to know Jesus because of this group of radical believers told a young couple about the God of the universe and His Son Jesus.

6. A family of 4 comes to know Jesus as their Savior after moving to NW Cary. They never attended church in Connecticut. After relocating to NW Cary, they meet those radical believers whose love is contagious they just want to know more about their message. After being served, loved, and invited they come to the church service and eventually to Christ. 

7. Soon, a church is planted in New England, one in Pittsboro, and in East Asia, and in _________, in________ and etc.

It is shallow to think we exist to live life with and around people just like us. We are soverignly positioned and placed for God’s glory. I live in NW Cary because the God of Creation has decided to teach me how shallow my perspective and my thinking has been on missions and evangelism. The best way to reach the people of the world is to live among them. No more shallow living, thinking, or practicing on my part. 

We are going to tell the world by starting in NW Cary…..I am living and diving in the deep end for the glory of God from now on! 




  1. Matt, I love the name of the church!
    Great choice! We are praying for you at the Village Church
    Buffy Brown

  2. Hey Bro! Welcome to the community! Let me know how the Bridge can support The Creek!

  3. When you realize just how connected our world is today, you realize that the Gospel can be just as viral as that Rick Astley music video that people point each other to. It is so common, especially in Wake County, for each one of us to be only 3 degrees of separation from almost anywhere in the world. Places such as India and China are only 1 degree away these days. And those being the most populous countries in the world, you can be just about anywhere in only a couple more hops. If a church is planted every two years, you could conceivably plant a church in Ougadougou within 7 years. 🙂

  4. Wonderful vision!!!….we are right there w/ you! In one of my daily devotionals (“Jesus Calling” – written in first person as though God were writing)…God says: “Even now you have access to as much of Me as you have faith to receive.”
    It only takes ONE to answer the call… like Nehemiah….the vision you have given us is a world changing vision, not just a NW Cary changing vision……It is GOD’s VISION…and I am excited to be alive and a part of The Creek Church at this time in HISTORY!!
    Additionally, your blog reminded me of a quote I have in my journal from Pastor Daniels, The pastor in Chennai, India for a very large international Christian church….Our mission team had the pleasure of hearing him speak last June….He closed his message by saying…”The issue of transforming nations begins with one person at a time.”…..And then, THAT reminds me of the recent Sunday message I heard at Elevation Church on 4/27/08 – – Pastor Steven spoke on Nehemiah and titled his sermon….”Small is the NEW big”….
    The global ripple effects are ENORMOUS!!

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