Posted by: Matt Rice | 04/17/2008

“Burdened to Lead”

I have been so encouraged over studying Nehemiah. I have studied him several times and even taught his prayer in chapter 1. However, last week was a great week of study. I saw for the first time the burden behind the prayer. Nehemiah was passionate about the wall and the symbol it was of the worship- or lack of- among the people. The people were unable to publicly worship God and this burdened Nehemiah. 

I have wanted to plant a church for a long time. I have been to conferences on church planting, listened to other pastors about church planting, and helped other plants out. I was so burdened to plant a church. However, something has changed. I learned from Nehemiah about the importance of waiting on the Lord. He was burdened – indicated by his prayer – for the worship of the people not for rebuliding the wall

God has supernaturally re-focused my burden. The burden has morphed into a  love for his people – specifically NW Cary – not planting a church. I believe my answer came as to why I was not able to plant a church when I wanted to because of my displaced burden.

I learned from God through Andy Stanley in is book, Visioneering, that when God gives you a vision he lets it mature in you  and lets you mature. To be a burdened leader, we must allow God to mature us, the vision, and those he has selected to help so that we come to him BURDENED to lead in His time.  






  1. Coach Matt,

    I’m so burdened! My heart beats strong for those the Lord has placed deep on my heart. I have been enjoying the book you recommended and am excited about what’s happening. I’m almost finished writing in my 22nd prayer journal and it’s praiseworthy to consider all that I have prayed over and about. I’ll share with you my burdens when we have a chance, k?

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