Posted by: Matt Rice | 03/28/2008

Planting Update

Upon the announcement I was planting a church, a good friend gave me a plant. I was wondering if she had seen my yard (see post “I hope my church doesn’t look like my yard.”). She decorated this potted flower with straws and placed pictures of churches in the straws. Upon giving it to me she said, “Congratulations! You are a “church planter.” This was a cleaver creation as well as a pressure symbol.

 I can say the plant is still hanging on but she does not look very good. Ok, she looks BAD. I cannot remember to water her. However, the church is doing well. We have an average attendance in the low 40’s (75 with children). The spirit and energy of the church is very encouraging and exciting. We have lost some (this is good) and we have added some through the vision casting process (this is real good).

This week we will conclude the vision series and move into the book of Nehemiah. I am so excited about this. Nehemiah is full of great lessons on vision, leadership, team work, and serving a BIG GOD.

I resolve to lead us to love people while God moves them from “the bleachers to the field” in planting churches all over the world.



  1. We are excited to see all your church plants flourish! Thanks for all the prayerful encouragement you gave our boy this week. See you Sunday!

    Staying in the Word and less in the world,


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