Posted by: Matt Rice | 02/13/2008

Cereal and Milk….Inseparable.

Have you ever tried to eat cereal without the milk? I don’t like dry cereal very much. I love a big heaping bowl of cereal with some milk. There is nothing like it. I personally like when it gets a little soggy….this disgusts my wife. She has to eat her cereal right away so it doesn’t get soggy. I like to let mine sit a while before I indulge. Regardless of your taste for soggy cereal or crunchy cereal – cereal has to have milk. Cereal is incomplete without the milk.  They are inseparable.

I have been the minister of evangelism for 8.5 years. I have seen people and even led people to pray a prayer to accept Jesus. If you have never been a part of this you are missing a great blessing. However, I am really convicted lately about the converts I has seen as opposed to the transformed lives I have witnessed. I am reading Bob Robert’s book titled, Transformation.  It is a great book. So, far I agree with a lot of what he is saying. The quote that has rocked my world today is found on page 69. It says:

 “Converts grow a church, but disciples change the world.”  

I am so convinced and even convicted to a degree about seeing someone pray a prayer and not following up with them. As I now serve as the lead pastor of a church plant (pray for a name please), I resolve to lead my church in understanding the biblical marriage of salvation and discipleship. We are not going to NW Cary just to reach NW Cary. We are taking this message global to change the WORLD. In order to do this we must have men and women, boys and girls who have been TRANSFORMED. I don’t want to grow a church. I want to be a part of changing the world. Disciples do that….not converts.

 This will happen when we see that evangelism and discipleship are like cereal and milk…..Inseparable. Go tell someone about Christ and have the honor of leading him to Him and teaching him all about HIM.



  1. WOW, this is a great piece Matt. I so agree. I read it and just think I need to go pray. Todd and I are reading a book about a Christian evangelical and how once he was saved as a teenager, what changed him was the one on one discipleship the youth pastor invested in him. It was a lot of work but this man went on to do great things for the LORD… I think it will be key for each one of us in our church to take personal interest (and follow up, etc.) with every person that walks through our doors. Whew the work is much, the reward is eternal! Thanks for this reminder Matt.

  2. Thanks for the post. I was encouraged and challenged by reading this.

    “I resolve to lead my church in understanding the biblical marriage of salvation and discipleship”—- AMEN!

    I was speaking to someone last night who stated “I’m not really in to evangelism, but I’m all about discipleship.” The body of Christ surely needs to be taught about this “marriage” between evangelism and discipleship!

  3. Preach it Brother!

    As a convert from a denomination that viewed church dinners as a daring venture into evangelism, I can tell you that the big “E” word has always intimidated me. I hate to admit it, but I really avoided anything that would put me in the front-line of spreading the Gospel.

    In recent years, as I’ve focus more on reading, learning and comprehending the Word for myself (a key to discipleship) I’ve noticed an interesting change. Strangely enough, I find myself hoping for opportunities to evangelize.

    What’s up with that??

    Could it be that cereal is actually a milk magnet? Or maybe milk is a producer of tasty, crunchy and filling cereal. Either way… let’s eat.

  4. I think Stuart Hall (I’m sure it was around somewhere before him) recently coined the phrase “Disciplism” to connect what we have disconnected – namely, evangelism and discipleship. In reality, evangelism is simply the early stages of discipleship!

    Great thoughts!

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