Posted by: Matt Rice | 12/19/2007


What were you doing the first week of April in 1993? I, along with 20 others, was watching on TV the UNC Tarheels take on the Michigan Wolverines for the National Championship in men’s basketball at an apartment in Boiling Springs, NC. That game is famous for the Chris Webber timeout which was a crucial event for Michigan and their chance for the national title. (Thanks Chris….GO TARHEELS)

However, before the infamous timeout, Webber WALKED. He grabbed the rebound and WALKED. The ref did not make the call but lo and behold….this experienced recreation center ref, church basketball ref, and church basketball player (got cut from the high school team) ….. joined 19 others in a rant over the missed call. We yelled at him (ok the TV), threw towels at him (TV), and told him (TV) in so many words he did not know what he was doing.

Due to the sin nature, we serve as the great “know it all” in many areas of life…even from the couch watching a basketball game. We rant and rave over missed calls and made calls only because they do not serve us or our team.   

 However, I am wondering do we treat God the same as we treat the refs on TV? When God tells you to wait do you insist that he is wrong? When God tells you to go, do you give all kinds of excuses to stay? Or when God says for you to stay, do you go instead? Do you sit and question his guidance rather than surrender your life to his control and direction? Do you throw towels up in disgust over not knowing the next step?

Jeremiah 29:11 is incredibly comforting to me. For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord…” God knows what is best. Also, Isaiah 55:8-9 which declares God’s ways are higher (always) than our ways. He is right all of the time.

As I live my life and plant a church, I DO NOT want to REFEREE my life. I want the creator of the universe whom I know personally, thanks to his SON, to fulfill this role. I am interested in CALLS that glorify God not me. This is the reason I want God to serve as the Referee in my life.

I challenge you to come to the place where you let God serve as the “Referee” in your life. When your time is over may they be able to say……

  HE (SHE) WALKED with Christ.  



  1. Matty..Great Thoughts. I find myself treating God as the referee on TV at times. Thanks for sharing. Your words truly spoke truth in to my life. Holla

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